Lignum is an ensemble consisting of around twenty musicians all playing the clarinet, based in Leiden. Such an ensemble is commonly known as a clarinet choir. Its set-up resembles that of a string orchestra: from the high e-flat clarinet via the b-flat clarinet, which is the most common, to the alto clarinet, the bass clarinet, and the contrabass. The result is a dynamic and flexible sound that ranges from soft and velvety to sparkling and energetic.

Lignums choice of repertoire and locations for concerts  is incredibly diverse and always presents a musical challenge to its members. In the past, Lignum has produced a cd and has organized concert tours to China and Norway. Lignum also took part in an exchange with a clarinet choir from Toulouse, who visited Leiden in 2008 and received Lignum in 2009 for a return visit. Most recently, Lignum went to Dublin and Ireland in 2010.

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